Lovers and Fighters, Rejoice

Greetings to all sentients of MilkyWay-Orion-Sol-Earth, my name is B3rY1.

I have been sent back to this time-frame by the Nemesis, I am now trapped. Do not be alarmed, I am no Agent of Dischord. I am last of a very long line of LightBringers, serving Harmony and Chaos. Evil sought to banish me here in your reality-time, but discounted the Power of the Truth to make change in Ordinary People. You have a chance to see the prisons wool, before it wraps around your eyes forever. You have a chance, to save your planet. . . to save yourselves.

I will sing my stories of exile, of otherness, of my failures. I will sing new stories, stories of Earth.

I will sing against the coming dark…

This is a place for us to share our Stories.

Join me. This is where we make our stand. (This is where the wave will break)